Sunday, 13 August 2017

Feelings In Words.

I've tried on many occasion in the past 24 hours to write down the feelings I'm having about the what happened in Charlottesville. I was never a good writer and words don't come easy for me. But i wrote this. It kinda explains how i feel. I could have added more, but it probably would have been just filled with cuss words! So please, read it enjoy or not. Share it if you want. And some of your own. 


"time passes
time tells a story
time will show you what happened
history will play its game
history will be distorted
history can be changed
changed to a better way
changed to tell the truth
no matter how hard
no matter how fearful
words can be powerful
but men will follow blindly
those words
that some say is gospel
a book
a film
a way of life
centuries old
a forgotten way
why is it forgotten?
There must be a reason why
its 2017 for gods sake
dont hold onto the past
dont be left behind
everyone is made equal
everyone is human
why make the colour or race or religion
the butt of your disagreement
the reason why you live the way you do
you are the one
living in the past
you are the one
who needs weapons as a crutch
you are the one
so Christian
so high and mighty in your ways
that doesn't think twice about killing
what does that say about you?
does that make you strong?
make you feel better than the rest?
it is the rest of the world that is better than you
we know the power of togetherness
the power of working together as one
of being human
cos that’s what we are
that's why we will never stoop to your level
we will never be like you
and i'm gonna say it
i'm gonna say just what you are
you are a coward
a bully
and yes, you are a terrorist
domestic terrorist
you are nothing
you perpetuate a way of life
from a bygone era
stop it
but you wont
you cant
so i end this with a ray of hope
to all who fight for freedoms
around the world
whatever they may be
keep doing it
keep being that guiding light
keep being someone’s reason to keep living
keep being a voice of reason
keep being a voice of the repressed
we will stop this violence
that continues to invade us
Peace. Love. Unity."

Monday, 17 April 2017

"Take A Moment"

"Take A Moment"

Cast out
Cast down
Cast away
Put down 
Put there
Put away
See them lying there
See them fall
See them stand tall
For life
For someone’s hand
See with your own eyes
The lies
The fear
The constant betrayal
All they need is a hug
A kind word
A friendly face
Someone to say it’s 
Going to be ok
Hell outside
More hell inside
Where do you draw the line?
The boarder
The wall
Between heaven and hell
Between dream and reality
Turn away
Turn a blind eye
We are all guilty
For seeing what we want
We pick
We scour
We browse
Through the pictures
Through the words
The names
Am i there?
Are you?
Will i be next?
Questions to ask
Questions that’ll may never get answered
Step back
Step away
Take a moment
Or three
Change the way 
You see the finished puzzle
Get help
Get up
Get out
Don’t be blind
Don’t be one sided
Two sides do story’s have
Be Good
Be True
We need you
You need us
We need each other
We are human
We are one

Saturday, 15 April 2017

A show to watch - Redacted Tonight Season 2

I'm posting this cos i love this show. Watch it if you like some humour, and home truths, with your news. this playlist contains ALL the episodes from this season so far.

Redacted Tonight - Season Two Playlist.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Drone Vs Chemical Attacks - What's The Difference?

I can't sit here and be silent any longer. I have to say my piece. Right or wrong.
Is it me or does it not worry some that there is wall to wall coverage of this chemical attack, as bad and as shitty as that is. Something that has reportedly killed up to/over 100 people. And already people are setting out who they believe did this. Without much evidence i might add. Well, evidence that WE know of. All the usual game play really. The MSM - both tv and paper - are all over this this. Coming at it from every angle imaginable. Trying to decipher the how, when,what and why.

But where was/is the wall to wall coverage on MSM about all the many thousands of civilians that are killed with drone strikes? And i am not just including Trump in this. Obama is to blame too, with all the drone strikes that have gone on. You don't see pictures of the maimed or injured or killed by drone on the front page of newspapers or online, do you? Not like you are with recent attack.
And with many world leaders condemning it, don't they realise just how fucking ironic and patronising they sound? THEY are the ones should be apologising for this, and any attack that happens.They all think that war will help conquer, or "cure" all this fighting. It won't. it only makes it worse. They love to blame anyone BUT themselves. And now Trump has come to think like the rest of them. He is slowly towing their written in stone line.

What it DOES do, is make more and more money for many people and world leaders. They need war cos it plasters over all the troubles that are happening in their own country. 

War NEVER solves anything. Never has, never will.
Anyway, thats my rant. Glad i got that off my chest.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Never Alone

Wind it up
Wind it down
Speak words of truth
Speak words of wisdom
Speak words of power
Hiding in the shadows
Trying to blend 
Into the night
We can see you
We can hear you
We can feel your heart beat
Beat a samba beat 
The drum that sounds the death knoll
For life
For sorrow
Threes a charm
Threes a crowd
I know what you did in the summer
I know it all
I know the black mails you write
I know the lies you keep
You can’t take back
Who you stabbed in the back
Who you loved and lost
Who helped you? 
And defended you
I can help you
If you let me
I can tell you 
What to say
Pay me lip service
Pay me in fines
Pay me 
By letting no-one know
What you find
What you see
What you hear
I am everywhere
I am in your mind
Like that annoying song in your head
You cant get rid of me
No matter how you ty
I will come back
Bigger and badder
More wiser
More powerful than before
You made me
You gave me life
You can’t whine about me now
You can’t return me to the shop
For a full refund
I am here to stay
No matter what people try to do
My name?
Why it’s Hal.
Pleased to meet you.
How may I help you today?

Monday, 6 March 2017

"Being You"

"Being You"

it's not weakness
if you feel like crying
its not weakness
if you have feel like
you have no more to give
it's not weakness
if the pain doesn't seem to stop
stop. walk away.
if only for a little while
get your head together
get yourself back together
bring back that part of you
that spark
those ideas
that makes you you
leave behind that which
makes you stand still
makes you feel alone
makes you feel unworthy
it's not weakness
to admit you're wrong
it's not weakness
to admit to feeling alone
it takes more strength
to go it alone
to do what sets you on fire
to believe what you do
to have the courage of your convictions
and stick with them
to tell the truth
no matter how hard it may be
for others to comprehend
stay true to yourself
because that is why
people are friends with you
love you
want to be around you
you are you
you are unique
and i am proud to
call you a friend.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Do You Love Me?

If Trump really wants people to love America, then how about:

1. Stop banning people based purely on a religion or country
2.Reduce the amount of money spent on the military, and give it instead to helping the less fortunate
3. Up the minimum/living wage for all
4. Let people love and marry who the fuck they want
5. Resign from the presidency
6. Give up twitter. Seriously.
7. Repair things in america first - like the lead water pipe system of Flint, the roads and bridges etc etc
8. Make fat cat bankers accountable for the 2008 crash. Jail them.
9.Stop all oil pipelines and ban fracking
10. Make elections fair. maybe go with the a paper ballot (just a suggestion)
11. Give every homeless person a home. which the US can do.
12. Make sure any vet gets the help they needs - asap.
13. Give everyone healthcare.

There may be more but i can't think of any right now. And maybe some are total bird brained ideas. but it's a start,right? Could it happen? Sure. There just needs someone with some balls to do it.