Sunday, 12 March 2017

Never Alone

Wind it up
Wind it down
Speak words of truth
Speak words of wisdom
Speak words of power
Hiding in the shadows
Trying to blend 
Into the night
We can see you
We can hear you
We can feel your heart beat
Beat a samba beat 
The drum that sounds the death knoll
For life
For sorrow
Threes a charm
Threes a crowd
I know what you did in the summer
I know it all
I know the black mails you write
I know the lies you keep
You can’t take back
Who you stabbed in the back
Who you loved and lost
Who helped you? 
And defended you
I can help you
If you let me
I can tell you 
What to say
Pay me lip service
Pay me in fines
Pay me 
By letting no-one know
What you find
What you see
What you hear
I am everywhere
I am in your mind
Like that annoying song in your head
You cant get rid of me
No matter how you ty
I will come back
Bigger and badder
More wiser
More powerful than before
You made me
You gave me life
You can’t whine about me now
You can’t return me to the shop
For a full refund
I am here to stay
No matter what people try to do
My name?
Why it’s Hal.
Pleased to meet you.
How may I help you today?